Sunday, October 03, 2004

Meta data for beyondTV

Here is some interesting information about creative commons and meta data

The is a proposal by Mick fuzz to use the SOMA metadata project:

This is interesting will it work, dose it help?


Mr. Demeanour said...

OK. As far as I can see, SOMA depends heavily on Dublin Core (an XML namespace).

I don't much care for namespaces; I think they make working with XML quite a lot harder (which is why I don't like RSS 1.0). Can you get Mick to post here, with an explanation of why this is a good idea? I'm not saying he's wrong; I'm just too lazy to figure it out for myself.

mick said...

SOMA is a way of describing the content and format of your Media resources. Althought they are similar, the elements or fields listed probably won't exactly match what you would have in your own content management system. The idea is to create a shared searchable archive of media resources that many different organisations.

From the perspective of community and campaign media activists SOMA is proabably a good one to go for as it is being adopted by Community Media Association and OneWorldTV both of which offer cheap/free hosting for Media files online. If enough groups get together and start using this way of sharing content then we can be a challenge to the Online resources of the BBC. In fact the National Computer Centre is also on-board with an aim to get the BBC to use this or a similar system and thus share content coming from Community and Indymedia style resources.

In short there is nothing to lose and potentially a lot to gain in making sure whatever online media system you are developing is compatible with the SOMA project. I'm working on it now with the Beyondtv data, I'll let you all know how I get on.