Sunday, July 22, 2007

Future QUESTIONS for visionontv

The are answers to all these question - am just looking for original thinking - comments please.

* Who are the ardencies. Originally it was for early adopters but now they have a choice of hundreds of channels….

* Who will produce the content – this is apparent that it will mostly be web2 folk, mainstream defectors and only a minority of the alternative-media. For sustainability we will have to pay (a token amount) for content – were dose the money come from.

* How to make the transition onto the TV in the living room – most early ways of doing it will be proprietary as corporations are THAT SHORT SIGHTED – can we some how manifest/champion a open way of doing it.

* How will it be funded long term? The obverse ways lead to watering down – BUT THE ARE NO alternatives to these… can we be creative in this space.

* The ISP’s will increasingly try and CLOSE the internet to non profit high bandwidth content can we live/thrive in this battle of consumers, ISP’s and corporate media mix.