Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Thoughts - Were we are, ideas of were we are going.

Were we are, ideas of were we are going.

What the project currently looks like is an old-fashioned web portal; we currently don’t have the codeing skills to move beyond this and don’t have to.

The idea of a portal is only a part of the project.

The key is in providing a guided view into the RSS soup, with a slick/simple interface. Metaphors which people can handle and grasp – the one we are producing is TV both old, current and future. Our key is the old as others are working on the current. And we aren’t ready to do future yet.

So the tools we have to develop are ones that allow groups to create mediated views on the video data soup. And to decentralize the hosting of this soup to reseal hosting outa centralized corporate hands.

* Were do corporations come into this? They are dim-witted partners…
* Were do activists come into this? They need to discover it?
* Who are the people who make this happen? The current web2 crew.

So we are creating something that looks and feels like old TV with a simple “one-click” to get current TV interface (MIRO). As a project lets not worry to much about future TV at the moment – this comes when we have made current TV more democratic and open…

When we have old and current TV in place, decentralized hosting, the start of a revenue model, then we should expand out of the narrow portal mode and bring in the mature innovations of the web2 world to through TV open to the future of TV.

At the hart of the future of knowledge (and video/TV is just a part of this) lies meta data – and the profiling this allows of both animate and non-animate objects. That means us and the things we own and use around us. To this end:

A open shared META DATA standard with a open database

Users get a:
Database address

Anybody can host a database.

Every database is open to every database… thus its up to the database hoster to decided how much data they hold – when a user registers with a new sight it will transfer the user data to its own database catch then feed it back to the original database…

This project will be re-creating current corporate structures – google is the key player – they will likely join our project when it becomes successful. It must be GPL to inshore that it continues to function after connecting to corporate structures. The “viral nature” of CC DATA will be key in keeping data safe from copurte closher.

What it means is that ANY website can have “full profiling”
Just by registering with the open database… and the original user ratines full rights to there data. Rather than the disastrous state of the web/media/shopping were the data is held and guarded by many mega-corporations then used to control peoples access to information and shape there lifestyles to current consumption patterns.

* how to stop data harvesting? Dose this matter?
* incription is important? How dose priversey work?
* using P2P technology? Not for the first version?

* we need a channel guide - we have this half done
* we need to go through everything and make the user experience - systemise it/make it all combatable
* we need to put all the RSS feeds through feedburner - started
* publicity - started
* funding for program content and for training – Helen is perfect for this as she whonts to do training with people who are active.
* we need a dedicated programmer group – some paid.
* we need to finish adding all the channels to the channel guide.

An open source video editing application – we have all the skills to speck this out… but will need a major grant to make it happen.

Using WP metaphor rather than old-fashioned liner editing metaphor.

* Find write up for this...