Thursday, July 12, 2007

Video Activist training by Undercurrents

Undercurrents believe that anyone with access to equipment and training can effectively use video to bring about positive change in their community.

"The courses encourage people to think why they are filming in the first place"
Big issue London

Video activism workshops

Since the "camcorder explosion" of the early nineties video cameras have become more portable, easier to use and best of all, cheaper. Now campaigners can gather evidence of factories polluting our water supply, produce an empowerment video aimed at getting people motivated into action or even get their news onto the growing outlets of Television current affairs programs.

This new "Video activism" is increasing as protests involving mass numbers of people on the streets with placards are being replaced with more spontaneous and smaller actions.

If you are part of an environmental or social justice campaign and feel that video could make a difference then this training workshop can make a differences.


Picking up a video camera for the first time and gazing at the numerous buttons and dials may seem daunting at first but hundreds of people regardless of age, gender and background have learnt how to use video as an effective tool.

Video activist training tips

Workshop 1
Introduction to video activism:
Aimed at Activists with little or no experience of using video.

Enable you to Operate a video camera
Edit a basic video feature

Demonstrations and practical exercises including-
How to operate using both manual and automatic modes
Improving sound quality
Explanation of the cables and accessories
Connecting a video camera to a TV and Computer
Designing a strategy
How to interview people
How to make use of your new video skills effectively

"Environmental protesters say they are marginalised by the media. But the arrival of cheap DV video cameras is enabling them to make their own news" The Journalist (official magazine of the National Union of Journalists)

Workshop 2
Advanced video activism:

Aimed at Activists who have mastered the basic of operating a video camera and want to expand on strategy.

To enable you to:
Improve your techniques of video storytelling
Using web video outlets
Approach Television news and current affairs programs
Target your video to bring about the changes required
Work as a Bone fide video journalist
How to offer effective video support to your campaign

Demonstrations and practical exercises including-
How to improve your audio and images
Role plays on how to deal with news desks

If possible bring your own video camera, cables and adapters.
(A limited number of DV video cameras are available), and video features or footage you or your campaign have previously made for comments.