Monday, December 01, 2008

What is your marketing plan? How will people learn about what you are doing?

Half of our working time will be spent on marketing and publicity, in four separate areas:

1. Hackney TV

Network with existing local campaign groups, hold outreach meetings and screenings, plus mini-cinemas (recycled computers showing the channel in community venues). We will also use posters and stickers.

2. Technical

So far the visionOntv project as a whole has over 3 million views with only a trickle of content and without having publicized and launched.

Expand our syndication to over 40 major web portals and search engines.

Increase exponentially our Google juice, including using search engine optimisation with keywords.

Embed in other sites and blogs (extremely valuable for building views).
A team of interns will use link aggregators, bookmarking sites and email lists to draw people to the project.

Initially produce 10 viral video hits from the undercurrents archive (see e.g., all linking back to the visionOntv page.

Add titles and end-boards to all visionOntv syndicated material.

3. Grassroots

Build on Undercurrents' reputation: "ingenious DIY culture at its best" (New Statesman magazine), and “compelling viewing” (Independent newspaper).

Do outreach training tours (already funded), public screenings, mini-cinemas, regular producer/campaigning group meet-ups.

Appear in all the popular web 2.0 IPTV shows such as rocketboom etc.

4. Mainstream outreach

Use our access to quality news outlets to foster a national conversation on the transition from old broadcasting to new:
* articles in and interviews for national papers nd magazines
* local radio for geographical outreach
world social forum and other local social forums
* Our films will also intervene in national debates via seasons and studio discussion shows.