Monday, December 01, 2008

Do you see any risk in the development of your project?

The biggest risk is that we don't do it, and allow closed corporate solutions to dominate the world of iptv and video on the web, while other alt-media projects remain ghettoised.

There are lots of great projects out there and we all need to support each other. A risk is that other sites are not open enough in terms of creative commons licensing and full rss feeds with downloadable enclosures, so we need to argue persuasively for this.

The threat that, in the face of recession, free streaming will close down or become polluted with intrusive advertising is not really a risk to us, though it will shut down many projects relying on streaming alone. Our embeds in other sites would be replaced by links to install our player app (based on Miro), which automatically downloads via bittorrent. We will also use bittorrent streaming when it is stable enough.

ISPs may increasingly impinge on net neutrality, favouring fee-paying companies over citizen journalist networks. Our project is relatively immune through its use of off-peak peer-caching. In this way, we also suffer less from ISP traffic-shaping than traditional peak-time streaming video.

Broadband metering and capping can be seen as more of an ISP business model than a real technical problem (see

The current advertising crash leading to a dotcom recession again affects us less, because our advertising model is people2people, similar to that of craig's list.

The greatest risk is that we create a prefect cms, but no one takes it up. This is why marketing and publicity is such a central plank of our strategy.

There is finally the risk that we spend all our time completing fund-raising applications rather than doing the actual project! (: