Monday, December 01, 2008

What tasks/benchmarks need to be accomplished to develop your project and by when will you complete them?

0 months:

Employ liferay team to customize and develop CMS and create channel template to build onto our basic liferay install.

Start Hackney outreach and training. Consolidate existing contacts and outreach to new ones.

Research Hackney stories.

Run first of 12 training workshops on video news and using the CMS.

Set up monthly volunteer meet-ups in Hackney with public screening.

Set up weekly support afternoon in the VOTV office for volunteers with practical problems.

3 months:

BETA testing of CMS

Encourage Hackney residents to send in stories and trial e-plebiscites via the CMS

We have 20 local citizen journalists

The channel is up and running, with 5 channel embeds on local issue-based websites

6 months:

30 citizen journalists

Version 1 (non-interactive) mini-cinemas installed in community venues

Version 1 of the full interactive CMS is launched

Start marketing and publicity for this CMS globally

Roll out local noticeboard advertising to sustain the project

Trial subtitling and open translation wiki.

Set up subtitling working group.

12 months:

50 citizen journalists

Tweeks to local advertising.

Version 2 of CMS based on feedback, and we implement smaller geo-areas as focus.
The CMS is fully widgeted so local sites start to take the interaction from the IPTV site onto their own web spaces.

Start of global marketing and publicity for the noticeboard advertising

Apply for further grants for global marketing beyond this funding (in 12 months' time).

18 months:

Campaigning around the Olympics and other local issues.

Version 2 of mini-cinemas (interactive with e-plebiscites)

Expand the widgetisation to 3rd sector partners' web resources.

24 months:

The project is fully running and supported by local noticeboard advertising.

It has introduced new levels of participatory democracy in Hackney, beginning around the Olympics issue, and now much more broadly.

Further funding kicks in to continue the marketing of the project globally.