Monday, December 01, 2008

What will you have changed by the end of your project?

* created a fully-functioning cms for the building of iptv projects, crucially one which can easily be transferred in part or whole to any other project, without branding.
Liferay is the only open source cms which allows people to embed any part of the project into their blog/website, and vice versa. This makes the project simple to replicate and disseminate, with no need for anyone to “start from scratch”. The cms will have important innovations for social interaction, such as multi-level chat (if no one else is watching the film at the same time as you, you can interact on the channel level above), and the turning of chat, of its nature more ephemeral, into more useful and long-lasting forum posts.
* evaluated the use of an open video and rss metadata standard (
via Hackney TV, enabled local news-sharing, and through it deepened democracy, in an area undergoing massive change (see News coverage will spread out from the Olympics development into other local issues.
created a large body of inspirational creative commons video content.
* have been the first to create and disseminate genuinely workable templates for video news production by beginners and non-professionals. At the beginner's level is a template which can be used by anyone with basic computer skills and a camera phone, but producing a professional and watchable result (see
* created a completely scalable form of distribution of this grassroots content, with a model of sustainability through automated classified advertising.
* aim to have defined user-friendly open standards as the future of internet TV, as opposed to corporate walled gardens.